Shoes From México

About Us

About Us

Shoes From Mexico is the country brand flag to promote our Footwear and Leather Goods Industry worldwide boosting Mexican brands all over the world. This initiative is headed by CICEG (Mexican Footwear Chamber) and COFOCE (Guanajuato World Trade Commission).

That is the reason to put in your hands “with a single click” this digital directory of:

1. The most recognized Mexican footwear brands,
2. Factories with the capabilities to work with you under private label programs, and
3. General information about numbers and news about Mexican market and industry.

This digital directory is designed to offer a friendly search through the following categories: Brand, Gender, Footwear Types, Shoe Construction or upper Materials. Once you click on a specific company micro site, you will have access to general information of the company and pictures of some of their products. Also, you will have the chance to contact the company directly through their email.

Hope this directory could be a good tool for you to start a good business with Mexican companies.

Sector Information

Exportación a más de 60 países

Export to more than 60 countries.

Producción anual de México: 254 millones de pares

Mexico Annual production: 260 million pairs.

Producción anual de Guanajuato: 172 millones de pares, que corresponde al 67.7% de la producción anual.

Annual production of Guanajuato: 186 million pairs, which corresponds to 71.53% of annual production.

Aportación al PIB nacional: 0.90%

Contribution to national GDP: 0.90%.

579 mil empleos directos a nivel nacional

579 thousand direct jobs nationwide.

160 mil empleos directos a nivel estatal

160 thousand direct jobs in Guanajuato.

9no Productor de calzado a nivel mundial

9th. Footwear producer worldwide.

4to. Proveedor de calzado en Estados Unidos

4th. Footwear supplier in the United States.

Más de 3 mil fábricas de calzado en Guanajuato

More than 3 thousand footwear factories in Guanajuato.

696 tenerías

696 tanneries.

300 fábricas de componentes

300 component factories.

Tratados de Libre Comercio con más de 40 países con 0% de arancel

Free Trade Agreements with more than 40 countries with 0% import duties.